Windwave is dedicated to providing fiber optic technology to schools, hospitals, government agencies and community service institutions. Windwave offers a range of solutions for the education of our children, the safety and health care of our citizens, and the advancement of economic development.

Business Centric

Windwave is committed to providing superior broadband access and Ethernet solutions to rural businesses small and large, that are typically not accessible in this region. We leverage our industry connections and invest heavily in our network infrastructure to provide our customers with unparalleled services.


To address the challenges of today's educators, Windwave offers fiber optic network connectivity solutions for K-12 and Higher Education institutions, enabling them to leverage technology to improve efficiency, drive innovation, and maintain a safe online environment for students.


Technology is an essential component of contemporary healthcare, providing invaluable resources to industry professionals for delivering the highest quality of care to their patients. The sharing of medical data, images, and patient records facilitates the provision of patient care in real time. By enhancing network interconnectivity, healthcare providers can offer improved services and save lives through interconnectivity with real-time emergency response programs.


Governments are often faced with limited budgets. We understand the need for costeffective solutions that do not compromise on community services. To facilitate the sharing of applications, data, and disaster recovery/business continuity needs, governments require strong interconnections. Windwave provides customizable solutions to state and local governments, helping to reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve services.


Windwave's distinct presence makes us an optimal partner for all our wholesale carrier needs. We are present in multiple internet exchanges and are eager to design a tailored solution to assist in providing connectivity to your customers. Unlike other providers, we have a strong foothold in rural areas, where we offer competitive rates and reliable service. By choosing Windwave as your wholesale partner, you can expand your network reach and offer your customers more options and value. We have a dedicated team of experts who can help you with every aspect of the wholesale process, from provisioning to billing. Whether you need wavelength, packet services or colocation, we have the right solution for you.

Explore Other Services

Providing fiber optic technology to our schools, hospitals, and communities to improve the education of our children, the safety and health care of our citizens, and the advancement of economic development.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber provides you with the capacity for cost-effective scaling, high-bandwidth applications, uninterrupted connectivity, and private, secure networking for critical data.


Windwave makes Ethernet the most practical, cost-effective solution for extending your local and Wide Area Network.


Wavelength service offers an efficient cost profile while minimizing customer capital and necessary expertise.

Rural Access Solutions

We provide innovative network solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you are a wireless operator looking to expand your network, or simply a business in need of rural Internet access.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

Windwave is a dependable, easy-to-work-with partner that you can trust to help you meet changing customer and business needs.


Windwave offers comprehensive carrier-class colocation services in a network-rich environment.


Windwave has refined the installation process, so that we are highly efficient at engineering, permitting, installation, splicing, and terminating fiber optic network cabling.