Colocation with Windwave offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for many businesses, including improved network performance, cost savings, scalability, enhanced security and compliance, and a variety of connectivity options. By colocating within a carrier POP, businesses can benefit from lower latency, higher speeds, improved reliability, and economies of scale in power, cooling, and bandwidth, as well as direct access to a variety of network providers and services. This can help businesses meet their security and compliance requirements, while also providing the flexibility to easily expand their infrastructure as their business grows.

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Providing fiber optic technology to our schools, hospitals, and communities to improve the education of our children, the safety and health care of our citizens, and the advancement of economic development.

Markets Served

Windwave is dedicated to providing fiber optic technology to schools, hospitals, government agencies and community service institutions.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber provides you with the capacity for cost-effective scaling, high-bandwidth applications, uninterrupted connectivity, and private, secure networking for critical data.


Windwave makes Ethernet the most practical, cost-effective solution for extending your local and Wide Area Network.


Wavelength service offers an efficient cost profile while minimizing customer capital and necessary expertise.

Rural Access Solutions

We provide innovative network solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you are a wireless operator looking to expand your network, or simply a business in need of rural Internet access.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

Windwave is a dependable, easy-to-work-with partner that you can trust to help you meet changing customer and business needs.


Windwave has refined the installation process, so that we are highly efficient at engineering, permitting, installation, splicing, and terminating fiber optic network cabling.