Since 2004, Windwave has been a leader in fiber optic installation and deployment, providing long haul, metro, and last mile fiber optic cable services throughout Eastern Oregon. Our team is highly experienced and established in the industry, and we have perfected our installation process to ensure efficiency in engineering, permitting, installation, splicing, and terminating fiber optic network cabling. This allows us to provide your business with the quality of workmanship and network you need. At Windwave, we prioritize quality from the start of a project to its completion. Our postconstruction walk-throughs and final audit guarantee that you receive the best product and service. We are proud of our consistent delivery of results, and our commitment to continuous improvement has enabled us to develop some of the most advanced and precise installation processes in our field.

Construction Services

  • Fiber Optic Conduit and Cable Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cable Termination
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
  • Full Scope Design and Maintenance for Fiber Cabling
  • Aerial Cable Placement
  • Conduit Rodding, Cleaning, and Cable Pulling
  • Underground Conduit Construction
  • Locating

Explore Other Services

Providing fiber optic technology to our schools, hospitals, and communities to improve the education of our children, the safety and health care of our citizens, and the advancement of economic development.

Markets Served

Windwave is dedicated to providing fiber optic technology to schools, hospitals, government agencies and community service institutions.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber provides you with the capacity for cost-effective scaling, high-bandwidth applications, uninterrupted connectivity, and private, secure networking for critical data.


Windwave makes Ethernet the most practical, cost-effective solution for extending your local and Wide Area Network.


Wavelength service offers an efficient cost profile while minimizing customer capital and necessary expertise.

Rural Access Solutions

We provide innovative network solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you are a wireless operator looking to expand your network, or simply a business in need of rural Internet access.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

Windwave is a dependable, easy-to-work-with partner that you can trust to help you meet changing customer and business needs.


Windwave offers comprehensive carrier-class colocation services in a network-rich environment.