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Windwave connects hundreds of business locations through a combination of access capabilities. With these options, Windwave makes Ethernet the most practical, cost-effective solution for extending your local and Wide Area Network. Enable and manage your own applications, across town or across the country, just like you manage your office network.

Windwave's Ethernet services allow reliable, fast, flexible, and secure connectivity through the use of:


This point-to-point service is transparent to Layer-2 protocols and supports scalability and bandwidth management. ELINE also supports CoS and VLAN tagging.

Two ELINE connectivity services are:

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL) — Port-based, dedicated bandwidth
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) — VLAN-based, shared bandwidth


The multipoint-to-multipoint service allows hosts to be connected and disconnected dynamically. Each ELAN host is given its own bandwidth profile, which specifies its CoS. Both ELINE and ELAN services are provided as private or virtual services.